TARRICK LOVE | Home builder, reality television star

HL TARRICK LOVE | Home builder, reality television star

The Nashvillian  By:  John Gugala

I like the wild factor,” says Tarrick Love over a seafood burger at Batter’d & Fried, “and I don’t know how you describe that in architecture.”

The 39-year-old homebuilder and designer owns two construction companies in Nashville. The first, Dream Build Nashville, caters exclusively to those who also like that “wild factor,” servicing clients who don’t mind spending a little more to have art in their home. Working closely with Dee Bynum of Bynum Residential Design, they pair on projects that start at $650,000 and go up from there.

But Hart-Love is Love’s answer to the common house. Bynum is an amazing architect, “but he doesn’t necessarily have a grasp on budget,” Love says. “For me, I’ve got to have a brand that can focus on this client that is budget-friendly.”

Love blends the artistic with the functional, mirroring his background. A 1997 graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in mechanical engineering, he worked in auto engine design for years before a trip to France with his wife ignited a passion for building design. Wandering around thousand-year-old architecture, Love says he found himself taking vacation photos not of his wife, but of buildings...

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